About Zeke Leash

Zeke, meet world. World, meet Zeke—

The furry face behind the Zeke Leash. Somewhere between too few Zzz’s, a morning coffee, and a clumsy owner, Zeke decided he was done with the traditional leash woes. You know, the all too familiar “leg tangle”, the “I didn’t know those retractable leashes caused rope burn!”, or the “leash turns into boa constrictor” magic-act. 

 "I may look like a dog, but I'm a revolutionary."
-Zeke, the dog behind the magical Zeke Leash with Leashminder technology

We invented Zeke Leash with Leashminder technology – the automatic leash control system that combines the strength and safety of a traditional leash, with the ease and flexibility of a retractable, creating less hassle for you and more comfort and safety for your dog. 

But really, the idea is simple-- bringing your best friend around shouldn’t be a hassle.